What pet door size should you buy?

I used to have a cat and she had a habit of peeing in anything left under the kitchen table. Once, that was my beloved pair of shoes. Sigh.

We didn’t have an external back door but a door to the garage and then to the garden. So the cat had to spend her life jumping up to a window and squeezing through – it kept her agile.

Pet doors were pretty basic back then – it was a swing door flap and that was it. Now, I believe you can get timed cat flaps, flaps that only let your pet with a chip on it’s collar and luxury flaps with an escalator (probably not).

One thing I didn’t realise was that you can get pet flaps for dogs – and I don’t mean a stunted Chihuahua (that I secretly think are rats on leads) but a DOG. A big dog. A Rottweiler or a Great Dane. I mean c’mon, that’s not a pet door, that is a door! Give the dog it’s own key.

Endura Flap Pet Doors have created an infographic guide of What pet door should I buy? and this covers the different breeds and the different sizes of dor available.

Design overall – 7
This is well-presented with photography to clearly illustrate the animals. A clean, minimal and highly visual reference guide.

Typography – 6.5
Type is minimal but all clear to read.

Illustration – 7
The photography of the animals illustrated this guide and is laid out grid-like on a white background for a pleasing arrangement.

Content – 7
The content is deceptively basic but very useful and effective. I love simple focused guides that are at-a-glance visual for reference.

Overall score – 6.8
A clean and well-presented infographic that offers a useful at-a-glance guide.

What pet door size should you buy?

4 years ago