What to do if you found a baby racoon

Out of all the content I have ever reviewed, I think this has to be the most compelling title I have encountered for an infographic.

I mean, seriously, what would you do if you found a baby racoon?

Apart from freaking out about how cute it is, then what do you do? I have no idea and possibly might make the situation far worse with my clumsy efforts.

When I was a child, I remember finding a baby bird. I did the worst thing you can do and picked it up – if you do this the mother will abandon the bird. Sometimes mothers are in the area watching the baby but if you intervene then the baby is abandoned for good. I don’t think it lasted long in a shoe box in our garage with my feeble attempts to care for it.

A hard lesson learned for a young child.

So, to avoid any more deaths of small, cute creatures then we can turn to this piece of content with the compelling title.

What to do if you find a baby racoon infographic by Racoon Removal Toronto will ensure you can deal with the situation and no small animals are harmed.

Design – 5
The banner at the top has a distinct and clear title with a cute racoon image that makes it instantly recognisable as to what the infographic is offering. Content is sectioned and does have a logical flow.

Typography – 4
Each section has a clear title and the font size is legible for all text.

Illustration – 6
The graphic uses cute illustration that fits the subject matter and visually represents the context.

Content – 7.5
The infographic does offer information that is of value to anyone in an area likely to encounter racoons. It’s a niche market but it represents the area of expertise of the website. Every question regarding the subject matter is answered in a logical sequence and expert advice of how to deal with the situation is offered.

Overall score – 5.6
A unique subject with a compelling title that is highly relevant to the audience and delivers solid advice.

What to do if you found a baby racoon
5 years ago