What To Do In case of a Car Crash

Not so long ago, a young girl bumped into the back of my car at a junction. She was very upset and I had to console her as she burst into tears and reassure her that it was not such a big problem and it would all be sorted out very quickly.

It transpired that this was her first ever accident and she had no idea what to do. I took photos of both of our cars using my phone and recorded our details, addresses, names, numbers.

Fortunately no one was hurt, it was a minor bump without much damage and we both drove our separate ways within ten minutes. A different story from the time I went into immediate shock and had to be stretchered out of a car and put into an ambulance after a nasty crash many years ago. I don’t remember much about that.

If you had a car crash would you know what to do?

What to do in case of a car crash is an infographic from TerryBryant.com and covers the check list of what you should do after a bump.

Design overall – 6
A photo imagery based graphic, this is bold, in your face and clearly depicts the subject.

Typography – 6
Clear use of type. A strong banner and clearly marked sections for easy reading.

Illustration – 6
The graphic uses photography which adds to the visual impact of the piece. Small icons illustrate each section.

Content – 6
This is a relevant piece of content for the car accident lawyer and is a useful reference for people to consider if they do have an accident.

Overall score – 6

A relevant infographic with an ‘in your face’ design that stands out.

What To Do In case of a Car Crash infographic
5 years ago