Which Social Media Personality Are You?

What did we do before social media? Seriously, how did we network, socialise and connect? I tell you how – slowly and awkwardly! One dial phone in the house, no answer machine and no privacy for calls – it was a lot of hard work.

Being the huge lover of the internet that I am, one of my favourite aspects is how it can bring people closer together. You can video call your friends and family on the opposite side of the world and see them as if they are in the same room. You can work with clients anywhere in the world. You can check out someone’s profile before you date them – how much easier does that make the process!

We just love stereotypes and social media is full of genres, niches and behavioural patterns. Those people online who have to share their every move, meal and thought – we don’t want to know how great your social life is thanks. The competitive sharer who has to appear to have the perfect life and makes your life seem miserable and pathetic. My least favourite is the political ranter – I just don’t want your aggressive opinions shoved down my throat that early in the morning, thanks. Oh, and I nearly forgot – those who have to share everything about their kids, nappies, photos of vomit and the endless – isn’t he/she cute images. No. More. Please.

Which Social Media Personality Are You? infographic from Creare is a fun quiz which looks at the different social media stereotypes in a teen mag style. I love flow chart style infographics.

The appeal of this graphic is the concept and the content. It has an emotional hook – always powerful to use in good content. The design is crisp and minimal and lets the content speak for itself without detracting. Good move. The colour palette is harmonious and minimal. Typography is clear and each section divided. I especially like the illustrations for each personality type. This adds a subtle detail and it works well.

Overall I give Which Social Media Personality Are You? infographic an 8 out of 10.

Which Social Media Personality Are You?

9 years ago