Why Do Projects Fail

We live in a ‘Fail Fast’ culture. If you’re not part of a tech start-up then you’re just not living the dream, man. The approach is to keep trying until something works. Don’t waste time on commitment to a project that hasn’t caught fire in the first moments – move on, move on, move on. Phew, it’s exhausting.

I guess my philosophy of hard work, tenacity and not giving up is waaaaay out dated.

Apparently, only 3% of companies complete all their projects. It’s an interesting statistic and makes me question – how many companies truly consider what projects are right for them to pursue before they even begin? How much is lost in planning? Any my belief has always been that inefficient managers are where companies fail, it only takes one bad seed in the wrong position to have a huge impact on a full department. The right leaders need to be in the right positions for successful companies – absolutely vital. I would think this is the biggest fail point in business.

The subject of business is very close to my heart so Why Do Projects Fail Infographic, from Active Collab is of real interest to me. And, this is a very well put together graphic.

Initially, I love the duotone of the black and blue together – simple palette is always the most effective in design. Keeps the eye focused on the content and not a visual clash of colour.

Secondly, the clear linear style of the graphics well represents the subject and again leads to clear delivery of the information.

Each section is clearly defined with a strong hierachy on typography and statistics.

This is a strong piece of content that walks through a defined subject backed up with solid research and statistics. Overall, an 8.5 out of 10.

Why Do Projects Fail Infographic

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