10 Ways To Optimize Your Business Channel on You Tube

top 10 ways to optimise your YouTube channel


YouTube marketing is booming and as every idiot with a phone knows it doesn’t take much to film yourself talking crap for 5 minutes and load it up.

3 hours of video is uploaded per second to YouTube – that’s a lot of waffle and noise to cut through.

If you want to get found then you have to have some serious strategy. Of course you can guarantee that the video of you being an arse that your so called best friend posted will be splashed on the front page in no time without as much as an SEO in site.

So the top ten ways to optimize your business has a great design: love the brown paper, hand drawn thing. Runs through the basics: setting up a channel, how to brand your videos, using tags, engagement blah blah blah. Nothing earth shattering but I really like the design so for tonight’s performance I’m going to give you a 6 out of 10 – through to the next round, off you go.

9 years ago

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