A Look At Rich Snippets

Schema, micro data, semantic mark-up and rich snippets have gained massive traction over the last 18 months with much takl about the SEO possibility and enhanced user experience. Rich snippets can result in higher click through rates from serps. An excellent way to display keep snippets of information and gain more shelf space on the limited search engine results page. I love the possibility of semantic markup and we are only gong to see more of this introduced as standard. Ricj snippets are all about providing a richer search experience through descriptive information attached to content via metadata.

This is the first infographic I have seen for rich snippets as was a collaboration between SEOmoz and Blueglass. An excellent example of a niche topic, well researched, interesting and relevant information and finished off in a clear visual style. The emphasis here is on information and it is very text heavy for an infographic but it definitely gets a thumbs up from me.

a look at rich snippets infographic

9 years ago

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