Biggest Moments In Social Media 2012

We have some big fat wins here for social media campaigns and equally some big fat losers. The biggest moments in social media marketing 2012 wins and fails infographic has a real bundle of information to chew over. Seem like everyone has been talking about Dollar Shave Club last year and its viral video of a bear saying our blades are effing great? not seen it myself but it did get 7.7 million views so someone has.

Lets face is we all prefer to hear about the spectacular fails don’t we? McDonalds (eugh) pulled a campaign within only 2 hours after they tried to achieve heartwarming tales around their #McDstories hashtag but instead were flooded with stories of fingernails in Big Macs and people being hospitalised with food poisoning – personally this fills me with glee as I despise the company.

biggest moments in social media 2012 infographic

Design is excellent with an 8/10 and content is also very engaging so its another 8/10 its a big fat win for MBA In Marketing

11 years ago

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