Electronic Cigarettes

The electronic cigarette brings with it a whole host of benefits and advantages, leading to its steady rise in popularity.

This informative graphic details the monetary advantage that people who are switching from traditional cigarettes to their electronic equivalents can enjoy. The smoker who switches from a 20-a-day habit to electronic cigarettes can save more than $1,500 every year.

The research team at Totally Wicked discovered that the simple cigarette habit could be making a significant dent in the pockets of smokers.

Despite the initially higher costs of investing in a quality electronic cigarette kit; the long-term savings can be significant. Electronic cigarettes have a longer lifespan that the traditional cigarette and as such their replacement costs are far lower.

Totally Wicked go on to discuss the various investments that can be made with the annual savings. Months of food for a family of four can be paid for every year with the savings that are made by switching from cigarettes to their electronic brethren. The e cig giant also discussed more fun-filled options that could be invested in, including a 3 week trip to the Walt Disney World parks.

Ever the environmentalists, Totally Wicked continued by discussing the environmental benefits that the switchover can incur, including the saving of the lives of 600million trees every year.

electronic cigarettes

9 years ago

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