Freemium Pie

Infographic source by Hootsuite

What are two things that everyone loves? Pies and infographics.

What did we do at HootSuite? Combine those two things to illustrate
the parallels between the Freemium Business Model (used by Skype,
Dropbox and of course HootSuite) and baking a pie. As big fans of
contests, we also entered it into the Information is Beautiful Awards.
Try not to drool as you look through the recipe for how to grow a
successful freemium-based social media dashboard.

The infographic offers step by step instructions on how to incorporate
all the key ingredients for freemium success: a huge base of free
users, a handful of paid users, cheap data storage, cloud technology
and an enthusiastic user community. We decided to make the technical
content a little warmer by combining computer generated graphs and
charts with hand drawn line art – a fitting way to represent a
technology that brings people together.

Drawings and text are supported by a sprinkling of graphs to emphasize
compelling stats from sources including USA Today and TechCrunch. See
the breakdown of Corporate Social Spending, Social Media Usage, Data
Storage Costs and User Acquisition Costs. Pull-out quotes from Jason
Hsiao, Terry O’Reilly and Mike Tennant share the advantages and
scalability of cloud technology and social media.

We hope you enjoy your Freemium Pie Infographic. We baked it just for

9 years ago

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