How Apple Are you Infographic Quiz

Apple – love em, loath em? I have used apple macs since 1989 – that’s a long time and purely down to the quirk that the original Macs had such superior DTP software they were taken up by the print and design publishing industry for their superior page layout publishing programmes. Being a designer I had no choice – there was no other options. Back then it was an underground club to belong to Apple and we stuck by them in the difficult years of obscurity beset with problems such as Newton and the threat of demise. We held fast our devotion for the intuitive interface and elegant desktop design with its visual folder system and little wastebasket that made a paper crumple sound when you threw something in it. We loved Apple.

Unfortunately Apple has become a victim of its own success and has lost its indie cool appeal it once had and has now become a money making behemoth with so much money in the bank it makes your eyes water. When it comes down to it though I will always have Apple ingrained in me and the brand evokes such devotion from its fans that one kid even sold a kidney to buy the latest product.

So how apple are you? an infographic from Mackeeper as the terrifying Kathy Bates said in Misery, “I’m your number one fan” are you?

how apple are you infographic quiz

9 years ago

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