How to Optimize Your Landing Pages

Infographic by Invesp

Landing pages are an important part of marketing campaigns. The first thing a visitor see on your website is the landing page so having a
top quality landing page is must for success of any campaign. Check our Infographic to learn how to create an effective landing page that can convert your visitors into customers and the best practices of landing page optimization

16 Steps to Optimize your Landing Page

1. Know Your Visitors
2. Present A Clear Value Proposition
3. Post Relevant And Persuasive Content
4. Deliver a Consistent Message
5. Provide a Clear Call to Action
6. Balance Your Content And Images
7. Create A User-friendly Layout
8. Use Emotional Triggers
9. Remove Distractions
10. Don’t ask for too much Information
11. Build Trust
12. Respect Privacy
13. Use Testimonials
14. Keep it Simple
15. Test Every Component of Your Landing Page
16. Ensure Less Loading Time

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