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Let’s face it – we’re comic book and gamer geeks with an incredible passion for search engine optimization. What happens when you combine the two? Well, you get a rather comical infographic focused on certain qualities of SEOs.

What better way to meld our interests than to create and share a themed infographic aimed to make light of a rather broad topic?

Here at Subtle Network, we don’t believe in any radical approach when it comes to search engine optimization tactics. Black hat? White hat? Please, we’re all a shade of grey – and a lot of us do things very differently. While our infographic doesn’t cover all forms of SEOs, we believe we captured a nice picture, and would like to share this with our fellow search geeks.

The infographic has cards featuring such characters as ‘The Big White Hat’ with his silly, unique special attack ability such as “Viral Social Media Campaign”, to The Con Man with the infamous “First Page ‘Guarantee’” scam.

The infographic is strictly for fun – and we made it to kind of poke fun at some of our friends who share multiple aspects of each character. Which character do you think you share? What about your friends? You can check out the infographic in full, and if you like an individual card, you can grab the thumbnail and embed it on your own page!

7 years ago

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