The Great Social Customer Service Race

the great social customer service race

Infographic source: Software advice

The Great Social Customer Service Race is an interesting experiment that sent 280 tweets over 26 days to 14 of the biggest brands in the world, such as: McDonalds v Starbucks, Coca Cola v Pepsi, Visa v Mastercard, wells Fargo v Bank of Amercia, Walmart v Home Depot, Apple v HP and Gilette v Colgate. Stats measured were the average time it took for a response to a tweet and the percentage response rate calculated from the number of replies relative to tweets sent (following me?). Tweets were sent from 4 people with accounts ranging from 52 followers to 1363 followers – it would have been more interesting to see if your follower rate had any correlation with response rates. Pepsi responded the fastest, whilst Bank of America had highest response ration. More interesting is the fact that Apple, Visa and Walmart didn’t respond.

11 years ago

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