The Link Apocalypse

The Link Apocalypse Infographic

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DOOM. GLOOM. OMG. Run around it panic and throw your clothes off – its The Link Apocalypse – the end of link building as we know it? Doomsday linking practices that will get you site banned.

We all managed to scrape through the end of the world 2012 but be warned it’s disaster looming as link building blows up in your face with tiny shards of Google all over the room.

This infographic lists the riders on the storm (nice Doors hat tip) – big household names who were caught with their fingers in the easy links cookie jar and had the public humiliation of a Google (hand) Slap down. Will JCPenny ever live it down? [rolls eyes].

Slick design but I hate white text on black and at this point size you could have written anything as you cant read it. Overall I give it a 5/10 and only because I like link building [surprisingly].

9 years ago

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