The Most Expensive Google AdWords keywords UK

Infographic source: Hallam Internet

The Most Expensive Google AdWords keywords UK – Google adwords advertisers can spend as little as one penny for each click bringing a visitor to their site. But many advertisers are choosing to pay much, much more then that. Hallam Internet has investigated some of the most expensive advertising phrases in the UK.

Some of these click prices can make your eyes water:

£75.02 – Online live roulette
£70.19 – TAC compensation
£68.31 – cloud computing disaster recovery
£66.75 – no win no fee accident compensation
£64.90 – discounting accounts receivable
£50.13 dedicated web hosting solution
£49.79 – refinance loan debt consolidation
£46.40 – discount health insurance plans
£30.37 – virtual data room cost
£26.58 – create send email marketing
£23.29 – business electricity tariffs

you would be expecting some pretty big conversion returns from those prices.

9 years ago

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