The Ultimate History of Facebook

Ahh the story of facebook – full of inspiration, back stabbing and plagiarism – just like a Hollywood blockbuster – hold on, I wansn’t the only person who thought of that one it seems! So the ultimate history of facebook infographic charts the full timeline of progression from the original 2003 (only 10 yrs ago!) facemash – hot or not – girl voting system (and geeks wonder why the cant get girls?) right through to 1 billion users October 2012.

the ultimate history of facebook infographic

This facebook infographic ticks plenty of boxes for me:
interesting information
some quirky info
some hard stats info
some gossipy info
i like the design of the top banner

Its a lengthy monster with lots of information to read and charts the fascinating history of Boy wonders rise to social media dominance. Zuckerberg does receive a lot or criticism but what high profile individual doesn’t? One of the better facebook IGs I have seen. Comes courtesy of

All in all I have to say its an 8 out of 10.

11 years ago

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