Innovation in Business 2017 infographic

Innovation in Business 2017

What does innovation mean to you? For me, it can range from life-changing disrupters such as, the pencil, the biro,…

3 years ago
Why Do Projects Fail Infographic

Why Do Projects Fail

We live in a ‘Fail Fast’ culture. If you’re not part of a tech start-up then you’re just not living…

3 years ago
The Rise and Fall of SME infographic

The Rise and Fall of SME

Infographics and data visualisation, in their purest form, are charts and graphs. Communicating complicated data in a visual format is…

3 years ago
Temporary Vs Permanent Work Infographic

Temporary Vs Permanent Work

Sometimes I don’t think I have ever quite figured out what I want to do. For the last 20 years…

4 years ago